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Provided by: Learn how to become a DJ, and you learn to match your own musical expression with the desires of a given audience. It’s not just matching beats, or scratching over songs. It’s about being observant, empathic, and reactive. It’s not difficult to start. But it is difficult to stand out, and to […]

Provided by: One of the more frustrating things about DJs: our incessant ability to redefine what real DJing is. It seems like we’d have a lot of better DJs in the world if we spent more time focusing on things that matter. Things like observation, intuition, crowd-reading, programming, moods, empathy, music theory, marketability, and […]

News from around the web!! 10 Reasons Why You Should Still Know How To Beatmatch By Ear ” In today’s digital age where even CDJs have a sync button, it’s becoming harder for veterans to explain to younger DJs the benefits of learning to beatmatch manually (by ear). While I do believe that, for […]