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DJ Debbie D – Like Dat

Written by on December 3, 2017


DJ Debbie D – Like Dat












Unless you grew up in Florida, then you may not realize that at one point, what people consider “Electro” and Breaks, were one in the same for many people. Partygoers during the height of the Rave era would often get to enjoy a myriad of old school Electro Funk and Bass classics, mixed with many songs newly released clearly influenced by the sound while attending an event. It would not be rare for you to hear Aux 88, Dynamix II, along with Friction and Spice or maybe the anthem “Two A Nation Rockin'”, or its flipside classic “Stone Skipping” by Xpando in the same night; often by the same DJ.

At the forefront of all this, was DJ Debbie D, one of the pioneers of the Florida Rave scene, and a strong supporter of the Electro Breaks sound. Her debut hit “Super Tweak” alone was a huge influence to the newer generation of Electro Bass producers that would come from the region, and after nearly 30 years of non-stop rockin’, she returns once again with a song that will not only redefine the Breaks sound, but also her career and the direction the music is beginning to take as more and more we begin to see Electro Bass and Breaks borrowing influence from one another once again.

“Like Dat”, her newest release, is a punishing, yet soulful tune driven by what sound like hard-steppin’ 909s, letting you down off the roller coaster, only to pick you pick you back and do it all over again. A bubbly bassline stutters along in an almost dub-step sorta way, as a cool acid line soothes and adds a bit of playfulness. A great thing about Debbie D is her synthwork, which here presents the song with a bit of mystique, inspiring and intriguing at the same time, only to be met by growling tones that rip through you without mercy. The vocals are very much how we used to rock back in the day, and even MC Funk, the man behind the vocals, reminds you of just that by telling you “Bringing back the old school bass…like dat!”. A great tune, innovative, and for the Electro Bass lovers, a nice fusion of sound that at times reminds one of some of the works found on labels like Cultivated Electronics; not nearly as glitchy, but definitely carrying that dark, hypnotic, and aggressive funk flavor.

We are in the middle of interesting times, and its great to see one of the leaders still rockin’ it like it was yesterday. Many of us echo the same idea that something has been lost over the years, and we are working hard to bring it back to the old school, while evolving on what we used to be. Keep the vibe alive, and support the underground. This single is available now through Beatport! Get in…like dat!


Written by: Santino Fernandez – TechnoBass

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