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BUTT (broadcast using this tool) is a free encoder program that can stream audio from your microphone, line input, or sound card to an Icecast, Steamcast, or SHOUTcast server. It runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


Install BUTT

  • In OS X, mount the program by double-clicking the file and dropping it in your application folder.

Download the Mac BUTT 1.14 program from here: [Click Here to Download]

  • In Windows, double-click the setup.exe file to run the installer.

Download the Windows BUTT 1.14 program from here: [Click Here to Download]


Once you have downloaded the program, install it and run it. It will bring up a window that will look similar to this:

Click on the Settings Button which will bring up this window:

The Name field you can input whatever name you choose, this is sorting option, because you can have multiple servers saved in this broadcasting utility, so name it something that will you will remember that this your server for Gremlin Radio.

On the Main Tab under Server click Edit:

  • Make sure you have Shoutcast, and not IceCast selected at the top.
  • The address field will contain:
  • The port field will contain: 8012 (This is our test port, this will not be the port # for your show, we will give you that after we have run a test, and it will be either 8000, 8002, 8004, 8006, 8008, 8010)
  • The password field will contain: grstream
  • Now click the save button, and the window will close.


Click on the Audio Device tab and select the soundcard that your input audio is going to. (this is the soundcard that you have connected audio cables from your mixer to computer with)

Back on the settings window click on the Stream Tab which will look like this:

  • Audio Device (This should be set to your soundcard you broadcast with. We recommend using a external Soundcard for easier setup. [Behringer]
  • Set your Bitrate to 128k.
  • Set your Samplerate to 44100Hz.
  • Set your Channel to stereo.
  • Set your Codec to mp3.

You will not use the other fields. Here is a Summary Image of everything we have gone over thus far:


If you have entered the above information correctly you are now set to broadcast using this tool (B.U.T.T.).

You should be able to play some music and get visual feedback from the VU meter on the main window of the program. If you are not getting feedback from the VU meter, then either you have not selected the correct soundcard, or you have a setting in your soundcard settings that is hindering it from receiving audio.

If you are not getting feedback from the VU meter, I would suggest first selecting a different soundcard to see if you have selected the wrong soundcard, if you are sure you have the correct soundcard selected you will need access your soundcards settings make the correct adjustments there.

If you are getting feedback from the VU meter you simply need to:

To start the stream, you simply click on the (play) button.


If you want to do a sound check solo without help you can go to

This page will look like this:

Now go to your BUTT program hit the play button and refresh the page and it will change to look like this:

Now hit the Listen button in the menu bar and it will download a PLS. file that you can open via phone or PC. See screenshot below.

To stop the broadcast either click on the (stop) button or close the program.

You do not need to input any information in the Stream Infos: field on the Main tab for Gremlin Radio because that information is configured by our broadcasting software, don't concern yourself with that section as it has no affect on anything.


Because we use the rotating port system, you need to connect to your stream a few minutes before your show (roughly 5-10 minutes), if you do not do this, and you connect either right on time or late, our broadcasting software might not see you connected in time, and it will play archives and/or individual tracks instead of your live show during your allotted time slot.

If something ever happens like you arrive late for your show, you get disconnected for too long for some reason, you can still play your slot. The server will continue looking for your show throughout your time slot.

Always remember to disconnect and shut down your broadcasting software(s) after your show. If you don't the next person who uses your port number will not be able to broadcast or it plays silence over the airwaves, neither are desirable.


Step 1:

Create a YouTube account if you don't already have one. Once YouTube account is created notify GremlinRadio so they can add you to their YouTube Studio Page

Step 2:


Before you can start streaming on YouTube, you need to download encoding software.

What is an encoder? An encoder is a device or application that takes your content and converts it into a digital format to stream on YouTube. In other words, encoders digitize videos and send it to YouTube to be live streamed to your viewers. Some encoders are stand-alone devices that take audio and video signal from a Camera or a PC. Other encoders are software applications running on a PC that capture video from a webcam or the computer.




Get linked to the Gremlin Radio YouTube Studio Page.

  • After Gremlin Radio has added you to their YouTube Studio page, you watched the Create a live stream w/ an encoder, sign into your YouTube account and click on the top right icon, scroll down to the fourth menu and select "Switch Account" tab.

  • Once you click switch account select Gremlin Radio.

  • Now that you are on Gremlin Radio's Youtube page, select the Gremlin Radio icon located in the top right corner scroll down and select "Your channel".

  • Now you will be on the Gremlin Radio Youtube my channel page. Select YouTube Studio directly under the logo.


Set up a live stream on YouTube.

  • In the video "Create a live stream w/ an encoder" they go over this step in great detail. 
  • Once on the Channel Dashboard page select the "Create" tab located in the top right corner and hit "Go Live". 

  • Now that you have hit "Go Live" this gives you the option to create your own Unique show stream.

  • Select "New Stream" and fill in the "DJ NAME - SHOW TITLE -", Fill in "describe your show" 
  • Select - No, It's not made for kids if you plan to use Youtube's Chat feature.
  • Select "Create Stream"


Setup the OBS program to read your YouTube Stream Key.

  • Once you have downloaded the program, install it, run it and open the program It will bring up a window that will look similar to this:

  • Click on the Settings Button which located in the bottom right corner. Once you do this will bring up this window:

  • Go to the Stream Tab and select "Service [YouTube . Youtube Gaming], Select Server [Primary YouTube Ingest Server]
  • Input the YouTube Stream Key.
  • You locate you personal show stream key in the YouTube Studio page.


Input your audio setting depending on how you stream and internal or external sound card.

STEP 8: 

Once you are ready to stream, select Start Streaming on the lower right corner of the OBS programs.

After selecting "Start Streaming go back to your YouTube control panel and your stream should pop up in the preview video.

You video should be connected now. Hit "Go Live"


Go to, select the LIVE STREAM menu scroll down to the first video and it will automatically load your OBS / Youtube stream to If you previously had the Live Stream page open, you will need to refresh to check and confirm you stream in live. 

STEP 10: Hit the "End Stream" on the youtube page when show is completed. 


Some applications are not signed by Apple and will not be able to be installed. If you trust the application and know you want to install it, follow these steps to allow third party apps to install.

Step 1: Open "System Preferences" by clicking on the Apple icon and choosing that option.

Step 2: Select "Security & Privacy" from the "System Preferences" window.

Step 3: Select the "General" tab, and select the lock in the lower left corner to allow changes. 

Step 4: Enter your computer username and password, then select "Unlock."

Step 5: In the "Allow apps downloaded from:" section, select the radio button to the left of "Anywhere."

Step 6: Close the window. You can now install unsigned applications that you trust. 

  • For security reasons, you may want to repeat this process checking "Mac App Store" on step five in order to turn this feature back off. 

Social Site Instructions:

“The Gremlins”:

Facebook Page is for the Gremlin Radio “Dj’s & administrators” only. This site is here to provide a private communication between all above parties while they share their port numbers, contact information, questions, technical issues, etc.

Please Don’t Post: Demos, Mixes, Promos, or outside Dj’s stuff. If you have any items in this category please post them on our Gremlin Radio (FAN) Page so our fans have access to you and your stuff.

Please Don't Add: anyone to this page. We will add and delete as dj’s come and go!

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Step 1: Post need to be Gremlin Radio related.
Step 2: When making initial post in the Gremlin Radio Like Page; post as Gremlin Radio.

Step 3: Feel free to comment to your post or other DJ's post as your (Facebook Dj Name).
The location to switch between names is located next to the "Like, Comment, Share. It will appear as our GremlinRadio Page logo. Click on the logo and a drop down menu will appear. Select your Facebook profile.

Note: All our Gremlin post will also link direct to our twitter if you keep your post under 140 characters. Twitter requires a 140 maximum.

Step 4: Pin Post is a feature on the group page that all dj’s may use. This feature will only be used to “PIN” your post for your show only and during your show time only. After your show is complete please un-pin your post so the next dj can pin post his show information. You do this by hovering your mouse over the top right hand side of the post. Once you see an arrow, click on it one time and the will be a drop down arrow that “PINS and UNPINS” post.

Hope this helps!