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TechnoBass The Loudness War: When Too Loud Isn’t Loud Enough! The Loudness War: you may have heard the term at some point over the past 15 years, and in fact, you may have even noticed that music has progressively gotten louder and louder over time as well. For those of us who have a keen […]

TechnoBass   Frankie Bones Frankie Bones is truly a man of history. Having been responsible for founding the American Rave scene, this tough-as-nails purveyor of our culture has been on a nonstop quest to spread the message of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect for over 25 years. Whether it is through his incredible DJ sets, […]

TechnoBass DJ Debbie D – How One Woman Helped Shape A New Generation For nearly three decades, DJ Debbie D has been at the forefront of the Breaks scene, expanding her influence across many genres; including the Electro Bass (Techno Bass) sub-genre, of which a whole new generation would come out of the Florida Rave […]

TechnoBass The Interview with Scott Weiser From Jackal & Hyde: Words Of Wisdom From A True Master Of The Sound! Scott Weiser is known to be a plain-spoken man. And when the “purveyor of the hardcore-Electro sound” gets the opportunity to talk about the syncopated scene, prepare for some lessons from a respectable veteran! For […]